Easy Way To Add The Rosary In Your Daily Routine

The Rosary is the Bible on a String “Fr. Ronan Murphy

People always talk about how they wish people would carry their Bibles as much as they carry their phones.   Thankfully we have the Rosary-our Bible on a string. We can carry it in our pockets and purses wherever we go.  But we need to do more than just carry it.

Just like a Bible, it’s only good if we use it right? The Rosary has led countless men and women from all walks of life to the treasures of peace, joy, clarity, and contentment. If you’re willing to give it a try and follow where it leads, you’ll find the Rosary is a rich prayer that can transform your life.

Here are 5 simple ways you can add saying the Rosary into your day.

Say it on the way to work     

No better way to start your day.  You can simply say the    Rosary on your way to work while you are driving.  If you have your kids in the car you can inspire them to pray with you.  There are many Podcasts that you can pray along with if you.

Use it to Fall Asleep     

I love to pray the Rosary while I am trying to fall asleep.  You feel a sense of calmness as you focus on prayer.  Try it and see!  There is just something about the Rosary that settles our hearts and mind.


Listen to a Rosary Podcast    

You can listen to the Rosary on your walks, in the car, on a plane you name it!

 Praying along with a Rosary Podcast is the best!  I often listen and pray when I am out walking instead of listening to music.

You can even break it up during the day    

You can break up praying the Rosary throughout the day by breaking up the 5 Mysteries.   This is wonderful if you do not have time to pray the Rosary.

Say it with Family and Friend    

What a wonderful way to share the Rosary by praying with family and friends.  The Bible says the Holy Spirit is present whenever believers gather together.


The benefits of praying the Rosary are countless, but don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

No Matter how you put the Rosary into your day, know that you are carrying God’s words with you.

Now don’t expect that you will pray the Rosary once and find perfect peace and happiness. It requires a habit. It may be something you pray once a week or pray once a month. It may be something you feel called to do every day. The point is, praying the Rosary is an incredible prayer that can change your life if you make it a spiritual habit.


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