Have Faith, God Will Strengthen You As You Become Closer To Him!

In the world today, people everywhere are discouraged, Many are fearful. Many wonder, “where is God in all of this?” Well the good news is God is here for you right now! 

Jesus said, “When you go through hard times, I will be there for you. Even when you die, I will carry you to eternal life.” Invite Jesus into your life.

Does the Bible say to worry about tomorrow?

Matthew 6:34 is “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 

It is the thirty-fourth, and final, verse of the sixth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament and is part of the Sermon on the Mount.

At times, It’s enough to question our very existence. Strength comes from our faith.  Whether it’s your faith in God or in something else, your faith shall set you free!


What the Bible saids about Faith

Hebrews 11:1 Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see. When we believe that God will fulfill his promises even though we don’t see those promises materializing yet, we demonstrate true faith. Everything in life is far easier to get through when we have faith wouldn’t you say? 

So why we should have faith in God and how faith affects our life.

It teaches how to live in the present existence. Furthermore faith produces enormous power for a greater purpose. The more faith we put in God, the more we allow God to direct our lives, the more power and blessing we’re going to have.  If you want to walk by faith, you need to release your fear to God and accept the path He leads you down.  This is easier said than done right?  You may not be able to become completely fearless, but you can be courageous and learn to act according to God’s will even when you are afraid of what lies ahead.  Faith is certainly a sense of comfort!



Ways to strengthen your faith


While most people do not hear the audible voice of God when they pray, you can be sure that God hears you! In Jeremiah 29:12 says “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to m e, and I will hear you.”  When you pray….

First, adore God!  Worship him, be in awe of Him.  Secondly, confess your sins to Him.  Third, give thanks.  Thank God for his forgiveness and your blessings in your life. Lastly, pray for your needs and the needs of others.

Read Gods word

Find time to read your Bible daily.  Find your favorite daily devotion. 

Find Community

Connecting with other believers and building relationships within the local church will allow your faith to impact your life in a whole new way.  Whether attending church service or Mass weekly or attending a Bible study, you will experience the true joy of fellowshipping with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Learn to hear God’s voice

For many Christians, the one thing they want most is to feel like they can hear God’s voice.  I know that is me in a nut shell!

The Bible talks about the Holy Spirit as the piece of God that we can hear and feel.  Some people think of it like your own conscious, or even your “gut feelings,” but it’s more like that learning about the Holy Spirit, it is somewhat of a lifelong journey for us Christians.

Share your Faith

It is so important to share your faith.  Why? Because one of the most powerful ways to help someone understand who God is, is by sharing what he has done in your own life!

Faith is certainly a sense of comfort especially in a world of uncertainty! 

Make the Bible and prayer part of your life every day. In addition, ask God to lead you to a church where you’ll hear God’s Word and learn from other believers, and also have opportunities for service. God doesn’t want your faith to remain weak, and He’s given you everything you need to make your faith stronger. 

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