Make Your Surroundings Work for You! Not Stress You Out

Have you ever looked around your house and been so overwhelmed by everything you need to do (dishes, laundry, pick-up, vacuum, mop, etc) that you just couldn’t do any of it?  You were frozen by the stress of the mess.  Or you’re hungry and just grab the first thing you see ( I see you potato chips) and just go for it even though you have health goals?


 I know we have all been there.  I also know that we don’t have to be.  Our surroundings have a profound influence on the decisions we make for better health. While a cupboard stocked with junk food or a refrigerator filled with our favorite wine coolers may tempt us to make unhealthy choices, the biggest influences come from our relationships. 

For example a heated argument at work might push us to knock back a couple of drinks.  A hurtful word from a spouse may cause us to reach for the ice cream carton.  A stressful day of raising children can lead us to staying up late in front of the TV.

By better managing our relationships and recognizing when we feel stress, anxiety, or discomfort, we can make better decisions for our health.

We can  create the environment that sets us up for success.

Here are 7 Stress-less ways you can make your environment work for you. 

Keep healthy food in sight and in reach

Example have a fruit basket out on the counter, healthy options in the refrigerator in reach.

Set a Pick-Up Timer (set a timer for 10/20/30 min.

Whatever, and pick-up what you can in that time. Time vs. Task Focused)

Plan Your Week out on Sunday

Planning your week ahead is so important!  Have those foods in the house and try to pre-plan your meals for the week.  This will help you stay focus and be less tempted to make poor choices.

Give Yourself Time to have Fun

This is so important! If your life is centered around “all work no play” gives you not much to look forward to.  Do not let your life pass you by.  Find time for you and the things you love doing and plan through the week and put it on your calendar and stick to it.

Put Your Fitness In Front of You (treadmill in your room, exercise bike in the living room, weights in the office – keep it accessible)
Exercise is so important especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Find an exercise that you love doing. Make it easy for you to do or you will not do it!  Make it a “micro habit”. Plan it in your daily schedule.  A micro habit is something you can do every day even on the days that are very busy.

Meal Plan – Don’t Let Dinner Stress You Out (decision fatigue) 

Meal prepping and having your “healthy food” at hand is crucial to success!

Ask for Help/Make Time for Yourself (You aren’t the only one who can do laundry) 

Don’t go it alone!  Have your spouse and children help you with the daily chores.  This will help you have more time for yourself and your family! 


In conclusion, make Your Surroundings work for you not stress you out!

Plan more, stress less. Plan too much, stress more. Find the balance and work within it.

Lastly surround yourself with the people you love and that will be a positive force in your life, healthy food choices, and watch your life sore!

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